“Here comes the Sun” – An Outdoor Floral Extravaganza

“Here comes the Sun” – An Outdoor Floral Extravaganza

“Here comes the Sun” – An Outdoor Floral Extravaganza

From a very beautiful and hugely personal dress choice, an abundance of out of this world flowers and a lot of Pinterest browsing see how YWB bride and groom, Emily and Sam, crafted their perfect day.

Let’s start from the beginning; what was the proposal like?

We got engaged in Sorrento, Italy at a hotel we had visited a few years before on our first holiday together. It was up in the hills with the most amazing views of the Amalfi Coast.


Setting; How many venues did you look at? Was there anything particular you had in mind with regards to the setting?

We knew we wanted a relaxed, barn style wedding in the Yorkshire countryside which had lots of accommodation for all our guests. We only visited three venues in the end as once we saw the Yorkshire Wedding Barn we fell in love with the views and knew immediately that it would be perfect for our day. It was also really important that we had our dogs with so we were hooked when we found out you were dog friendly.


Ceremony; the outdoor ceremony was perfect and looked beautiful (thankfully the weather held off a little!). Did you always envisage your ceremony to be outside?

Once we saw the lake and the views surrounding the venue, we knew we wanted to get married outside. We knew we could never achieve the same feeling in an indoor space so refused to let the rain stop us on the day!

Dress; can you just tell me some details about your choice of dress, it was absolutely stunning! Where was it from/what make/ was it the style you thought you would have?

I had a pretty good idea of the style of dress I wanted and as my mum is an amazing seamstress, I’ve known for a long time that I wanted her to make my wedding dress. Finding the lace was the most difficult part of the process and involved a lot of searching on the internet and trips down to London. Once we found this everything was straightforward in terms of design and fitting and I really enjoyed being able to create every detail exactly how I wanted. My mum and I were still adding to and adjusting the dress right up until the big day but I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

Bridesmaids dresses (well, jumpsuits!); was it tricky to find a style that they suited/liked?

The three of us searched and searched online for bridesmaid dresses and in the end decided to have a weekend shopping dedicated to finding the perfect dress. We found the jumpsuits in the first shop we visited, and all agreed they were perfect. We spent the rest of the day trying to find alternatives, but nothing came close.

Groom/groomsmen; Can you tell me about the make and style of the suits? Were the groomsmen all happy?

Sam knew he wanted a traditional style and after finding the perfect bridesmaid outfits we thought it would look good if the groomsmen matched. We found some really good navy options in Moss Bros so the boys went together and all agreed on the three piece they wore on the day.

Styling; you dressed the venue so perfectly – did you have a clear vision going into it or did you do a lot of research? The flowers were also spectacular; were there any recommendations The Flower Hunters with regards to the choice of flowers?

I did a lot of research on Instagram and Pinterest for ideas on how to decorate the venue and loved shopping around for glassware and decorations. It took a long time to find the perfect pieces, but I really enjoyed this part of the planning process. For the flowers, I gave Lucy a few pointers on what sort of colours I liked but ultimately, I trusted her expertise and knew she would create something spectacular on the day. The flowers were one of the things I was most excited about and Lucy didn’t disappoint!

Hair and makeup; Did you find it hard trusting someone to do your make up on the day? Again, was there a vision you had or did you work with the team to decide?

It was difficult trusting someone with my makeup, so I spent a long time searching online for the perfect makeup artist. I found Hina’s Instagram profile and loved her style. I had a couple of trials beforehand to make sure all of the products would last and come out the way I hoped on photos. Hina was very patient and really listened to what I wanted so after the second trial I wasn’t worried about the makeup at all.

Catering; some of the best bits of wedding planning must be food tastings – did you try a selection of caterers before you settled on Henny’s Kitchen?

We wanted to have a vegan wedding and thought it would be challenging to find someone who would be able to create vegan dishes which everyone would love. When we messaged Henny, one of your suggested caterers, she was excited about the challenge and sent us loads of amazing ideas. Choosing three courses from all the options she gave us was really hard, but we loved having something bespoke to us. We were so impressed with the attention to detail and the way she presents her food we wanted to secure her right away.

Photographer; Jessica did such a wonderful job with the photos – how did you find out about her and how important to you were the style of the photos?

Lucy, our florist recommended Jess to us the first time we met as her and Jess had worked together previously. When looked at the images from other weddings Jess had photographed, I knew her style would suit the venue perfectly. She really made us feel at ease on the day and captured the mood of the wedding so well.

Your favourite part/parts of the day?

I loved getting ready in the morning with the girls. I was so relaxed on the day and just enjoyed getting pampered and watching everything come together.

Is there any advice you would give other couples planning their wedding? Any big dos or don’ts?

Don’t stress about the small things and enjoy it because the day goes so quickly!

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